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Finally!  Dust Free Sanding for All

NO Masks NO Meshes NO Messes



I just want to say that your product is GREAT! Absolutely no dust! It's amazing, it should be in every hardware store from coast to coast. I've used the unit now for several weeks and I haven't found a single thing I would change. Great invention!

- KW

Great Invention!

I love my sander! It was so much fun to use, I went looking for things to sand. 

Great Product! And so clean and easy to use. My paint even went on quick - one coat! Worth every cent!

- TL

Great Product!

100% Dust Free

Finally, a product that eliminates silica risk for my workers!  It really is 100% dust free...job sites look great! 

I couldn't be happier. Thanks again!

- HC



Sand before spackling! We love using our sanders to clean and prep walls before painting. No more freckles!


Smooth, even strokes... Clean & prep walls quickly!


Remodeling projects are easier than ever when using our sanders. Quick setup time, easy to use and no dust! 


Professional results every time. 


Repair wall damage like a pro with our sander. Easy to use and one pass perfection. Flat and even, seemless repairs every time.

Great additional to anyone's toolbox!


Save Time

Work smarter, not harder!  Our sanders save you prep & cleanup time on all your home projects.


No preparation, no cleanup, no extra trips to the hardware store...

Save Money

No more buying sanding paper or meshes! Our sanders use special abrasives that last a lifetime!

Save money on cleanup, prep work, paint and more! 

Safe to Use

Because our sanders are 100% effective, you and your family won't be exposed to airborne particulates.

Safe to use on mold, lead paint removal and more! 

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