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Our patented sander design includes our unique approach to our base units. Interchangeable and long lasting, each base unit that we offer allows for versatility while maintaining our green footprint.


We offer 2 different options in base units:  Pelletized and Hook N Loop. Each option offers amazing results, ease of use, longevity and more! Learn more about each base unit below.

Pelletized Abrasive Bases

Our Pelletized Abrasive Bases are custom cut abrasive pads that are developed by forging abrasive pellets onto a denim backer and then adhered to our base unit skeleton. The pellets within each unit allow the pad to self-sharpen as you sand, uncovering a new micro-layer of abrasive as you use it. Because of this, each pad lasts for years while performing better and better as you uncover each new layer of abrasive.

Using this type of abrasive base lends to the sander's unique feel: it doesn't feel like a typical sander. And because there's no dust, it truly is a totally different sanding experience altogether. Each base is a flat surface; something not available with other sanders, sanding meshes or sandpaper. You'll achieve a flat, smooth, dust-free surface every time.

The industrial strength pellets are tough enough to cut through steel and is a favorite for aggressive sanding needs, but can still be gentle enough to use on softer substrates with incredible results. 

Each of our Pelletized Abrasive Bases have a huge lifespan and is expected to last 3 - 5 years on average. Our sanders come with a Pelletized Abrasive Base unit in 400 Grit. This is a perfect grit size for drywall installation, repair and maintenance. We also offer Pelletized Abrasive Bases in 80 and 100 Grit sizes.

More questions about our Pelletized Abrasive Bases? Check out our FAQs or contact us any time!

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Hook N Loop
Hook N Loop Base Units

For a more traditional approach to hand sanding, we developed our Hook N Loop Base Unit. We use an industrial strength hook on the base unit, extending its life so that it should never have to be replaced, and then paired it with an Open Pore Abrasive Pad. Our Open Pore Abrasive Pads allow the sander to maintain its high suction rate while giving you added diversity with a large variety of grits sizes.

Because we apply each pad to a flat, even base unit, the average lifespan of each pad is greater than traditional sanding since you're utilizing the pad evenly. Each Open Pore Abrasive Pad is super long lasting, averaging 6 times the average life of standard sanding paper. However different from our Pelletized Abrasive Bases, this option still offers a unique, dustless sanding experience with professional results. Finishes like glass, our Hook N Loop Base with Open Pore Abrasive Pads is a great alternative to our Pelletized Bases and is highly recommended for regular home drywall maintenance.


Quick to change, each Open Pore Abrasive pad is as aggressive as you need them to be. Offered in a variety of grit sizes from 80 to 600, we also offer a variety grit package in our most popular grit sizes. Each of our Open Pore Abrasive pad sets come in a packet of 10 pads, making it a super low-cost option for your household maintenance.

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