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frequently asked questions

  • What makes your sander 100% dust free?
    Our sander is unique due to many factors, the first of which is our patented chamber design. We use aerodynamics to ensure proper airflow from the sanding surface, through the chamber and then into the vacuum system. If you look at our custom base design, you will see open vacuum channels the entire length of the pad, as well as recesses on the side walls, allowing the sander to capture the dust from all angels as it sands. We also ensure a flat surface, making it easy for our sander to utilize the power of the vaccum, allowing the sander to stick to the wall. Coupled with our pelletized abrasive pad and you get a quick, flat, one-pass performance that is truly dust free.
  • What is a pelletized abrasive base pad?
    Our sanders are equipped with pelletized abrasive pads made from silicon carbide. Each pad is considered industrial strength due to the unique formation process that forms silicon carbide particulate into larger pellets and then adhered to the pad's base. The pellets are self-sharpening, meaning that as you use the sander, a new layer of silicon carbide particulate is then uncovered, giving each pad its consistent sanding quality and long life. This gives it its unique qualities and performance, making it completely different from traditional sandpaper. Your sander will sand (perform) based upon the grit size that is in each pelletized abrasive pad.
  • Do I need a shop vac to use this sander?
    No. As long as you're using a vacuum with a hepa filter, you can attach the sander to it and use it in a safe manner. We recommend the hepa filter due to the high levels of dust being collected in the vacuum through the sander. Please note: the strength of your vacuum system will determine the speed and performance of the sander. For example, if you're using a small canister vacuum, the vacuum may not have enough horsepower to allow the sander to stick to the wall, however the sander will still perform dust free.
  • Do I need to buy your recommended hose and connectors?
    No. If you already have your own 1.25" hose and corresponding connectors, you do not need to buy ours, however we recommend purchasing our hose and connectors to ensure a perfect connection and better performance results.
  • What grit size do you recommend for painted surfaces?
    You can easily use the 400 grit abrasive pad that comes with every BAR Co's Vac Sander, however if you're doing a lot of sanding (such as a contractor or excessive remodeling work), we do recommend using our 80 grit pelletized abrasive base pad. This will allow you to cut through imperfections even faster, reducing prep time even more! Return to your 400 grit abrasive base pad for normal prep work…
  • My sander's pad looks too rough; I can't use this on my walls, can I?"
    Yes, you can. Each sander's abrasive pad contains pellets of 400 grit particulate (standard) and has an extremely long life (2-4 years). The sander may look too aggressive, but what you're seeing is actually the pellets made up of the sanding particulate. Each time you use the sander, it uncovers a new layer of particulate in each pellet and will always perform based upon the grit size the pellets are made up with.
  • Is your sander OSHA compliant?
    Yes. OSHA's new silica ruling is meant to protect people and their exposure to harmful airborne particulates; in this case, it's silica commonly found in drywall and spackle. Because silica is responsible for White Lung Disease, it is important.
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