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-Richard Brunner, Inventor



Our hand sander is a patented design (our third patent for the company), and offers a revolutionary way to collect dust as it is being sanded.  It was a no-brainer to us and can't wait for the rest of the country to catch on!



We not only made our product beneficial to our customers, we also keep our footprint low by manufacturing in the USA, only producing parts that have a huge  lifespan, and we sell direct to you.

It's no surprise that with a great, innovative product comes awards!  We've had a few for our hand sander and couldn't be happier that this product is favored by 99% of our consumers!




We've prepared our business model specifically to reduce overall costs and retail pricing so that everyone could

afford this tool. 


It's really that important.


We wanted to create a sanding system that actually worked well; a system that can out-perform its competition, yet be easy enough that anyone could use it...and would want to use it. We ended up with a design so unique, we stumbled upon a completely new sanding experience all together.   

Our sander not only offers professional results without the mess, it's also the first sander ever to claim "one-pass perfection" while keeping your air clean and eliminating clean up time all-together.


We've achieved many firsts with this design, causing a totally unique sanding experience when using it. First of all, it doesn't feel like a sander. It's so easy and comfortable, that anyone can handle it.  It's so safe and quick, that any job is performed with quick precision. And yes, it's fun to actually want to use it. 


But above all else, the results are amazing. Smooth, featureless finishes are the end result, improving your home quickly and cleanly. We are so impressed with results ourselves, we actually have started to recommend sanding before you spackle. The sander performs so well, that you can clean and finish your entire wall prior to spackling with little effort. By doing so, you not only save the amount of spackle you use, you also save paint as well. 


Painting has never been easier after using our sander. It glides on quickly, smoothly and evenly. Each paint project is completed with professional results in half the time. 


Whether you own your own home, work as a contractor, rent an apartment, or even suffer from arthritis, this truly is the perfect tool for you.

BAR Co. Production Company


Large Sanding Surface

The largest in its class, our sanding surface gives you great coverage for quick and even strokes as you sand. The large surface also allows the sander to quickly pick up all dust as you sand with it, leaving you with a clean smooth surface in half the time. And because we took the pad out to the edge, you can quickly tackle corners with ease.

Patented Design

Having a patented design comes with many benefits!  Our unique chamber offers super airflow for the ultimate in vacuum sanders.  It's chamber produces a one-of-a-kind airflow dynamic that completely optimizes the vacuum's effort, allowing the sander to do all the work for you.  No physical effort is needed, allowing our sander to be a DIY favorite for everyone!

Pelletized Super Abrasive

Our industrial strength, high-tech abrasive allows you to glide over surfaces without any effort, thanks to this perfect pair. The air dynamics of the chamber, paired with this super abrasive allows our sander to cut through all unwanted surface imperfections, moving over your wall's surface like butter!  You'll see the results immediately, since you only need one pass to achieve perfection!

Adjustable Airflow

That's right...this sander is so powerful, we had to put an airflow adjuster on it! Simple to use, all you have to do is adjust your sander's airflow valve to match the horsepower of your vacuum.  Ideally, the airflow should be just enough so that the sander holds itself on the wall...and all you have to do is guide the sander with your fingertips. An effortless tool every home needs!

Comfort-Grip Handle

We've given our patented sander a unique touch with this customized comfort grip handle. Even though you won't ever have to grip the handle with much effort, this comfort fit gives a whole new feel to using this one-of-a-kind sander.  Now you can actually enjoy sanding! This sander is so effortless and comfortable, it's actually fun to use.

Interchangeable Base Units

Along with our Green Product Design, one of our key features is our interchangeable base unit. Not only do our abrasive bases outlast any traditional sander or sandpaper on the market, our custom bases give you the option to use a wide variety of grit sizes, as well as types of abrasive pads such as our new Hook N Loop option with long lasting open pore abrasive pads. Easy to use and easy to change, each base unit puts the power in your hands to tackle tough surfaces and smooth finish jobs alike.

Green Product Design

Above all else, we wanted to create a sander that dealt with all the hazards of drywall sanding and wall repair.  Most recently, OSHA has attributed drywall sanding to White Lung Disease. Our sander not only removes this danger all together, but it's also the first drywall sander with no cost of use. No need to purchase meshes with our sander, and the base abrasive that we supply with this sander has a huge life span of approximately 2 - 4 years!* Absolutely no clean up required either. Your home environment remains clean and clear of drywall dust, saving you time and money...and your health!

*lifespan is approximate depending on user and average usage.



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