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Hook N Loop Starter Kit

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Brand: BAR Co's Vac Sander

A winning combination from the start! We've paired up our NEW! Hook N Loop Base Unit and paired it with a 10 pack of our Open Pore Abrasive Base Pads to give you the ultimate head start for this amazing new way to sand surfaces.

For use with our very own BAR Co's Vac Sander, our Hook N Loop Base Unit allows you to quickly switch out the Open Pore abrasive base pads for any surface imperfections you're sanding.

Easy to use, our Open Pore abrasive base pads have a wide variety of grit sizes to select from and boast 3 times the life of regular sandpaper.

Quick and simple to manage and dustless, our Hook & Loop base unit works with our open pore pads to vacuum all the sanded particulate directly through the open pore of the abrasive pad.

You'll get a lifetime's worth of use from our Hook N Loop Base Unit as it will never need to be replaced; simply put a new abrasive pad on and keep working. And because they're part of our BAR Co's Vac Sander line of products, we'll ensure a clean job every time!


  • (1) Hook N Loop Base Unit
  • (10) Open Pore Abrasive Pads in the following grit sizes: 80; 100; 120; 180; 240 (2 each)
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