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Great for Spackling...and So Much More!

Ok, so when I got my sander I thought "great, I have this awesome tool that I can use when I want to fix drywall damage"... then I found out what it can really do!

First off, I wouldn't even call it a sander. Yes, it sands surfaces, but the overall performance and ease of use is so above and beyond anything I've ever used, it's more of a "finisher" than a sanding tool. I quickly realized that I could sand every surface and get amazing results that still blow my mind every time I use it.

Overall, here's some highlights:

  • Dust / Clean walls

  • Smooth out all imperfections

  • Cut through old paint (no more freckles or dust pockets!!)

So, what does this really boil down to though?

  • Professional results with a smooth, rich finish

  • Paint goes on quicker and more even

  • Paint coverage is dramatically improved

  • Time is saved

  • Money is saved

  • No time spent on cleanup; there's literally no dust!

Seems hard to believe one little tool can accomplish all of that, but the BAR Co's Vac Sander keeps proving it's worth over and over again! Try it for yourself and get results you half the time! I'm considering myself a very happy customer...

Happy Sanding!

BAR Co. Production Company



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