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DIY Chronicles | It’s Probably Not Your Paint…

I’ve always loved to paint. It’s always had a mental cleansing and calming effect on me…similar to how gardening is for most people. There’s nothing like being able to work toward a clean slate that’s not only beautiful when you’re done, but you’ve also burned off some calories in the process. And bonus: you’ve cleaned out all the junk and dirt from the room you’re working on, so you really get to start fresh.

Something has always bothered me about painting though: I always had to go back over to see where I may have missed. Those dreaded little spots like freckles on a wall where your paint roller just couldn’t seem to get for some reason. Yes, you’re not alone. Most people have dealt with this dilemma by ordering up a second coat of paint. And for years this is the way it’s been. Until now…

So, the story goes that I buy my very own BAR Co’s Vac Sander and get it in the mail. I felt like a little kid at Christmas…mostly because I work for the company, but it was exciting! I finally got my own sander to play with and had already picked up all the new paint. All the paint cans were sitting in the hall closet waiting for my painting project to begin. I was down-right excited!

Quickly realizing how easy it was to use, I pulled my sander out of the box and attached it to my Oreck canister vacuum (hepa-filtered). I picked out my starting wall and finally began to prep for my new painting project.

First of all, I sanded everything. The entire wall. I wanted to be able to quickly prep the wall without having to jump through a lot of hoops. A few minutes later, I realized I was done. I was ready to paint.

I packed up my sander and threw a drop cloth down and started to paint. First thing I noticed was that the wall was really clean and smooth. My roller was going over it as if I was painting ice. Second thing I noticed was that I didn’t have to go over each “area” again and again like I normally do. It took me a little while to realize what was happening, but once my paint started to dry, I got it: NO SECOND COAT!

I was done. All done…I didn’t even have a big clean up. I was truly done…I packed up the paint, cleaned my brush and picked up my drop cloth. That was it…I couldn’t believe it! I was so astonished that I call the inventor up. I wanted to find out if he knew the impact the sander had on paint and painting.

Turns out, the sander sands off the “highs” of the wall's surface, leaving a smooth and even surface to work with. That means that once you’ve sanded the wall, any painting you do will be done on an even, flat surface…thus, no need for a second coat. And since the bumpy surface is being brought back down to a more flat and even plain, the paint job is more true to its color, leaving you with a beautiful finish with only one coat of paint!

So, my story ends on a happy note: my sander has paid for itself already, my room is complete, and my back doesn't hurt! More importantly, I know that I can start my next painting project with little effort. Bring on the color swatches!

Try it for’ll be amazed at the difference!

Happy Sanding!

BAR Co. Production Company


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