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WWYD | Extra Time & Money...

Ok, just for fun we threw out a question in our first DIY Chronicle: What would you do with the all the free time and money you saved by using our amazing BAR Co's Vac Sander. We came up with a list of the Top 10 favorites for you. They are as follows (response = Money...Time):

10. Donate the money...Help a friend with their work

9. Tell the wife I spent it...go to happy hour

8. Do the next the next room…

7. Buy the paint with it!...paint the room

6. Give it to the wife...enjoy the peace & quiet

5. Put it in the bank...take a long weekend

4. Buy furniture...go shopping for furniture

3. Take the kids out for ice cream...Take the kids out for ice cream

2. Put money into the room...relax

1. Buy some beer...Enjoy the game

So, we love them all. And the point is that everyone could use the extra time and money, so we're more than happy to help!

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Happy Sanding!

BAR Co. Production Company



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