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DIY Chronicles | Save Time & Money

Who doesn't want to save money..? But how about both time AND money?

We've got a pretty good answer for that one...the BAR Co's Vac Sander! Our sander will definitely save you both time AND money on your next painting project! We guarantee it!

Mad Money | Hands down, our sander is a total money many different ways! First of all, you'll save money by not having to replace sanding pads, buy masks or meshes over and over again. And actually, because our abrasive pads last about 2 - 4 years on the average, our sander will pay for itself for years to come...

Down Time | We guarantee that by using our sander, you'll save tons of time by not having to do the normal pre and post rituals that you've had to do in the past. Things like shutting off the room, covering furniture, cleaning up all that dust...just to name a few. Using the sanding is quick and easy too. One pass perfection is all it takes and you've got a beautiful canvas to paint on. Your painting time will be quicker too, with professional results...every time!

Bottom line: your DIY painting project just got a whole lot easier, cheaper and cleaner! We're guaranteeing it!

So, the real question is: What would you do with all that free time and extra money you've just saved? Well...? We're, really, we want to know...

Tell us what you would do with your free time and money that the BAR Co's Vac Sander saves you!

We'll select our Top 10 favorites by August 1st and share them with everyone. Winners get a chance to win a prize from our new accessories line of products coming soon to our online store...and don't forget to check back with us on August 2nd!

Happy Sanding!

BAR Co. Production Company



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