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Happy 4th!

Independence Day! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer holiday time and having a safe, relaxing break from the hustle and bustle...

We can't help but love this holiday. We even made our sanders red, white & blue! We've taken our time to produce and distribute all of our sanders right from our own back yard in Pennsylvania. We're proud of being able to live the All-American Dream.

Our company prides itself on being able to offer new innovations that support that original concept of the American Dream. Our sanders don't seem like a lot, but we're able to provide a safe hand tool that anyone can use, and reduce waste in the process. Not just physical waste, but time and money...who doesn't want to save time and money!

So for this holiday, enjoy our extended 10% savings on our sanders. Hurry though, prices go back up soon...

Happy 4th everyone!


BAR Co. Production Company



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