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We're OPEN!

Finally! Our online store is now open for business...and we couldn't be more excited to bring you our brand new BAR Co's Vac Sander.

We've given our first product a little face-lift prior to hitting the stores and have upgraded all of our accessory options for you to pick from. Now it's even easier to get professional quality results without spending a lot of money!

Right in time for Father's Day, our new store offers our very own BAR Co's Vac Sander with three different hose options to pick from. Your dads and husbands are going to love this one!

Looking for a great gift idea this summer? Definitely give our store a quick look for a unique and special gift that keeps giving year after year.

And now that our store is open, don't forget to check back often for new product updates, new accessories and unique attachment options that help tackle those household chores with ease.

Take a look for yourself and make sure to get yours while our introductory prices are still low!

Happy Sanding!

BAR Co. Production Company


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